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One is only half

How to Live and Travel with Anxiety – A Personal Journey — CheeseWeb

In this article, I’m sharing my personal journey with anxiety and panic disorder as well as some practical advice on how to live and travel with anxiety if you or someone you love is diagnosed with this mental illness. This is not a typical CheeseWeb article. Over the years we’ve shifted away from telling our… via... Continue Reading →

My mind is a rambler

It is like those cartoon characters that don’t speak and can only make noises

This is not about me

Is it really possible to be altruistic?

The art of slow traveling

Don't make traveling a task to be completed

Do it with a smile

Here's the proof that Russians can smile, I love this guy's enthusiasm

Krilja by Nautilus Pompilius – Wings

Changing one life is hard, what about a whole country?

This too shall pass

There are many ways to go on, I choose serendipity

The Best Things to Do in Kiev, Ukraine

As a great admirer of Ukraine I'd like to share this post from a friend's website.

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