Krilja by Nautilus Pompilius – Wings

I first heard about this song on the movie Brother (Брат), the main character is obsessed by it at the beginning of the movie.

The song is beautiful and it talks about losing wings (Krilja) (here’s a link to a short translation).

The movie like the song is about transformation, it’s in a time when USSR has just ended and people are adapting and the main character tries to do the right thing and the good and bad border gets very fuzzy.

The movie represents many things for Russians and people living through that period.

The history of a country that is changing, while people suffer and try to keep living.

Changing one life is hard, what about a whole country?

Take time to understand where you are, it will make everything a much better experience.

The photo on this post is an art wall in Rubizhne, not just any city in Ukraine.

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