The art of slow traveling

I used to have a traveling scheme that worked like this:

  • Decide where to go
  • Create my to-do, to-see list
  • Do as much as possible from what I had planned

Pretty simple or pretty dumb?

Well it depends, I would probably see most of the main attractions but I would probably be racing against the clock to ‘get all done’.

Or in another words, to snap some photos and move to the next attraction.


But don’t get me wrong, there’s not a right way of traveling, there’s the way you like to travel and that wasn’t what I liked.

I was almost treating traveling as a task to be completed.

It took me a long time to learn how I actually like to travel and that way is actually slow 😅

Take your time to enjoy where you are.

Make contact with locals.

And, whenever possible, stay out of the beaten track.

Then you can start to slow eat and slow live in general.

Be mindful!

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